从2020年秋季学期开始,所有在线赌博都将被要求拥有一个 computer for their classes.

从2020年秋季开始,加尔维斯顿的每节课都需要一台电脑 College. ***推荐的最低在线赌博电脑规格*:笔记本电脑或笔记本电脑 (流动工作站),最低规格*如下:

Screen Size: 13” to 15”

显示分辨率:1920 * 1080

Memory: 4 GB to 8GB

处理器:英特尔酷睿i3 -同等或更好

Hard Drive/Storage: 256GB SSD


WIFI: WIFI enabled



  • Dell Inspiron 14-3000
  • Dell Inspiron 15-3000
  • Dell Inspiron 5000
  • Dell Latitude 3500
  • HP Notebook 15
  • HP 250 G7
  • 同等或更好的电脑是可以接受的

*而不是使用你的电脑的麦克风和扬声器时,参加一个 online discussion in public places (such as the College library), headphones (or earbuds) 建议使用集成麦克风.

This program was established to assist students who need off-campus computing resources 在这种快速转向在线教学的过程中. 这个程序试图关闭 那些对计算机资源有经济需求的在线赌博与没有经济需求的在线赌博之间的差距 have the financial assistance.

The Information Technology (IT) Office provides the Laptop Loan Program to students. 笔记本电脑贷款计划允许符合条件的在线赌博借用笔记本电脑 在漫长的(秋季或春季)学期中使用IT部门,节省在线赌博 几百美元的大学学费.

Students who do not have access to the following computer equipment, which is required 来运行虚拟学习和Canvas,可能会从借用笔记本电脑中受益:

·        Windows or Mac OS X operating systems (Google Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android平板电脑和手机不支持Canvas)

·        A webcam

·        A microphone

Applications to apply for the Galveston College Laptop Loan Program can be completed online.

 Apply Now



· Your enrollment for the semester must be paid in full, or have satisfactory payment 与商务办公室的安排


· Have no financial holds

If a laptop and/or accessories are damaged, lost, stolen, or not returned while checked out by the student, the cost of repairing or replacing this laptop, and/or accessories 被评估的金额不低于20美元,不超过600美元,具体取决于 the degree of damage.

Charges that are accrued as a result of violations of these policies will result with a hold put on the Galveston College student account and will prevent the student from registering for a future term, receive an official transcript, or receive a diploma until paid in full.

Abuse of laptop loan privileges may also result in disciplinary action and the inability 将来借笔记本电脑.

Failure to return the laptop within the semester deadline date or at the time of complete 退学,或者在在线赌博停止上课的时候,将被考虑 未能归还在线赌博的财产,并将采取适当措施.

不允许使用笔记本电脑进行任何形式的非法或非法活动. (i.e., hacking, 盗版、浏览或下载非法或非法内容等.).

If any illegal activities occur with this laptop, the student may be subject to disciplinary rules and regulations of Galveston College, as well as referral to criminal authorities.

如果在线赌博完全退出在线赌博或停止参加所有 他们的课程,笔记本电脑需要立即上交.

Galveston College provides computer resources for the purpose of accomplishing tasks 与学院的使命相关. 授权用户可以使用学院的 computer resources for school related and incidental purposes, subject to the College’s Computer Use policy and other applicable college policies, and state and federal law. For additional information concerning the College’s computer usage policy and/or procedures, 请查阅在线赌博目录和/或在线赌博手册.

Laptop computers are limited in quantity and are borrowed on a first come, first serve basis to eligible students.

申请审核需要3-5个工作日. 一旦批准或拒绝,在线赌博 将通过Whitecaps的电子邮件通知.

Approvals with instructions on checkout and pickup will be sent via Whitecaps email.

手提电脑只能预约领取. 设置约会的链接将是 审批邮件中提供.

Microsoft Office 365

Galveston College provides free Microsoft Office 365 to students while they are actively 目前在读一学分或以上的课程. The service includes Office 最多可在5台设备和1tb OneDrive存储空间上下载2016年软件. Students 可以在Microsoft Office 365上激活他们的帐户吗.

Please refer to the Whitecaps电子邮件和微软Office 365说明 获取激活帐户的指南. 其他有用的视频培训可以在 微软365基础视频培训.

所有在线赌博都应该登录 Canvas 每天检查你的作业,成绩,和你的导师沟通. 如果您在访问Canvas或Canvas中的功能时遇到困难,请联系 到远程教育部门去 他们会进一步帮助你. 如果你决定给远程教育发邮件 部门,请确保包括:

· Your name

· Phone number

· Galveston College ID number


确保你定期查看Whitecaps的邮件. Vital communication from the College will be sent to your Whitecaps email, including any replies to questions sent to

Make sure that you have gone through the Canvas New Student Orientation if you have not done so already. 培训是一种快速而简单的熟悉方式 the functions of Canvas. 然后,您可以在表格中找到新生介绍 of a link at the top of your Canvas Dashboard.


Your Galveston College student ID is GC followed by your student ID, and your initial password与您登录到Whitecaps门户时使用的密码相同.

用户名-由招生部门提供给你. GC0123456)

Password – Login assistance is available through the GC IT Service Desk, 409-944-1352, Regents Building, R-120.

Whitecaps Email

在线赌博在线赌博应该每天多次查看他们的Whitecaps电子邮件. 学院将首先通过Whitecaps电子邮件发布官方公告. Students must 使用他们的Whitecaps电子邮件地址联系在线赌博的顾问和工作人员. 为指导登录使用 Whitecaps电子邮件和微软Office 365说明. For help with email, contact or visit


As colleges across the country move classes and services online, access to reliable internet service is critical. 以下是几家提供免费服务的公司 或者在当前紧急情况下的低成本互联网接入. 这个列表是供参考的 purposes only. 在线赌博与任何学校都没有任何联系或合同 of the services listed below. 有关下列服务的问题,请联系 the company directly.

Provider Brief Description
Spectrum Spectrum Internet® Assist -以合理的价格获得高速互联网. 频谱互联网协助可用 只提供给合资格的住户. 特点-频谱使其简单的合格 家庭签署了低收入互联网援助协议. Free Internet modem; High-speed Internet at 30 Mbps; No data caps; No contracts; Optional in-home WiFi service at $5/mo.
康卡斯特的互联网必需品 New Applicants? 有了互联网,在家里很容易获得负担得起的高速互联网 Essentials. 新客户将获得两个月的免费响应服务 Coronavirus emergency. 如果你符合公共援助项目的资格,你可能符合资格 such as the National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others. 今天就学习如何连接!
Xfinity WiFi  Xfinity WiFi -数以百万计的热点,你可以保持连接在你最喜欢的地方. Enjoy Xfinity WiFi at no additional cost – it’s included with your Xfinity Internet service; Save on your wireless data plan; Get access to new security features at select hotspots across the country
Cox Cox降低了费用并消除了数据使用的超限(链接在外部) 帮助低收入者和受冠状病毒影响的人,如老年人和老年人 college students. Cox的客户也可以免费访问 Cox WiFi hotspots.
AT&T AT&T提供免费访问 WiFi hotspots throughout the country. 他们提供无限的互联网数据和互联网接入 为收入有限的家庭提供每月10元的津贴&T program.

在线赌博大卫·格伦·亨特纪念图书馆提供在线服务. 在线赌博、教师和工作人员可以访问学术电子书来支持课程, reference eBooks, leisure eBooks, article databases, eJournals, eMagazines, research guides, and video tutorials. 图书馆还提供在线聊天服务 regular operating hours. 在线赌博可以安排个人在线咨询预约, as well. 所有的虚拟服务都可以在一个地方对在线赌博、教师和在线赌博进行访问 staff.

The GC Library Online 旨在帮助远程或在线课程的在线赌博定位和使用 在线赌博图书馆的在线资源和研究工具. GC Library Online is also intended to help faculty and staff become more familiar with online library resources and services to help our students be successful in their research and use of the library. For assistance, contact 或查看图书馆的常见问题解答页面


Eligibility and Information · Email –

Laptop Technical Support · Email – 

1. 谁有资格借用笔记本电脑?

要符合资格,您必须是在线赌博注册的在线赌博,并且必须达到最低要求 三(3)个学分的课程. All eligibility criteria must 在批准笔记本电脑贷款计划之前,必须与您见面.

2. 你需要导师或顾问推荐吗?

No, you can apply directly. 点击上面的链接,一旦它是可用的. Be sure to provide all information requested and that you meet all eligibility requirements.

3. 我可以把笔记本电脑留到下学期吗?

Yes, if you were approved and borrowed a laptop through the Laptop Loan Program for 秋天你可以重新申请春天 . 更多的细节将发送更新您的 Laptop by email. 

4. 如果我借一台笔记本电脑,什么时候还?

Your borrowed laptop will be due back to the IT Service Desk no later than the last week of the semester. 你可以在本学期的任何时候把笔记本电脑交上来. If 在任何时候你都可以完全从在线赌博退学或者停止上学 你的课程,借的笔记本电脑马上就要还了.

5. 我听说有些大学在赠送笔记本电脑. Is this laptop mine to keep?

不,这是借来的大学设备. 当你拿起设备时,你会签署一份 form stating you accept the valuation of the computer as we’ve assessed it, and that 您必须在到期日或到期日之前,以相同的条件归还设备,否则您将无法使用 您的账户将因评估值而被冻结. We need these devices 回来继续支持在线赌博.

6. 通过笔记本电脑贷款计划借笔记本电脑要收费吗?

在线赌博的注册在线赌博可以免费使用笔记本电脑. It will be handled like borrowed equipment from Galveston College, and students will 接收有关到期日期、延期和其他信息的通知 email. 唯一会产生的成本是如果设备丢失,被盗,损坏 或者没有恢复到原来的状态.

7. 我借的笔记本电脑可以用多久?

You can use the mobile device for the current semester and with the option to renew 你下学期的申请. 

8. 如果我需要技术支持,我该打给谁?

Please contact the Galveston College IT Service Desk (R-120) during normal operating 几个小时的时间来处理你的外借笔记本电脑的硬件问题. Limited support is available 用于课堂作业,实验室和考试所需的故障排除应用程序. 请先向您的老师查询您的课程信息.

如果确定笔记本电脑的硬件需要维修,而不是需要维修 the fault of the user due to accident, misuse, or otherwise, the student must arrange a time with the IT Service Desk to bring it in for repair, either onsite or through the manufacturer. You can contact them at or 409-944-1352.

9. 如果我需要上网怎么办?

At this time there is no hardware resources provided by Galveston College to provide 为有需要的在线赌博提供上网服务. 请检查社区的其他资源选项卡 上网资料.