Halfway through the 在线赌博 Law Enforcement Academy, cadet Ethan M从itt’s grandfather lost his battle with cancer and passed away. 尽管受到了沉重的打击 hurt by his loss, M从itt honored his grandfather, a 29-year Galveston County Sheriff’s Office veteran, by completing the academy as the Class 9(D) valedictorian.

“It hit me hard, but at the same time I thought, ‘this is what I need to do, this is where I’m going to be and how I’m going to do it,’” said M从itt. “我不这么认为 it (valedictorian) qualifies me to be an 从icer more than anyone else, it doesn’t make me better than my classmates, but I think it means that my hard work has paid 从. To be a valedictorian has helped me tell myself that I am ready for the next 踏入我的职业生涯.”

M从itt, a Friendswood native, took the next step alongside six other cadets, who he considers family, during the 在线赌博 Law Enforcement Academy Cadet Class 12月9日毕业典礼. 在学院的赛贝尔翼.

“There were seven of us for six months, all with different personalities, so it definitely helps to form a strong bond between you all,” said the 21-year-old valedictorian.  “没有什么比身体健康更能拉近彼此的距离. 有这些人支持你 这有助于加强你们之间的联系. 我很感谢我的朋友们 我现在想给我家人打电话.”

Ultimately, M从itt aspires to return to serve and protect in his hometown, but is ready to do so no matter where his career takes him because of the skills, discipline and training he received at the 在线赌博 Law Enforcement Academy.

“我真的很喜欢这里的心态. 每次我们做了什么,大家都跟着做 直到他们掌握了它,”莫菲特说. “没有,好吧,你做对了50% 所以我们要把它给你. 我们会确保你知道这是什么 is and you’re going to do it until you’re ready to do it in real life, out on the 街道. That was one thing that blew me out of the water because at other places 他们可能会说,‘足够好了.但在这里,情况就不同了. 它继续进行实践 learning, and the mentality that you’re not going to be left behind here. 每一个人 is going to be at the same level and do everything until we’ve all mastered it together, 我真的很喜欢这里的训练.”

“Instructor (Bart) Stephenson has helped form everything (training) into something 这对每个学员来说都很容易理解。. “我真的很感激 我认为这对我有好处.”

在线赌博 Law Enforcement Academy Program Director, Bart Stephenson, said he was proud of M从itt and the other cadets for completing the academy and achieving 该里程碑.

在线赌博-执法学院毕业 在线赌博-执法学院毕业 with award

“Cadet M从itt always gave it his all in the academy and displayed good leadership ”斯蒂芬森说. “All our cadets worked really hard inside and outside of the classroom to reach 该里程碑 and they should be proud of what they have accomplished. 他们像一个团队,一个家庭一样团结在一起. 他们一起学习,互相帮助 其他人通过这个具有挑战性的课程. 我为他们感到骄傲,他们已经做好了准备 保护和服务我们的社区.”

During the graduation ceremony, the cadets were given a few words of inspiration by 主讲人西布鲁克警察局局长肖恩·赖特. 除了演示之外 of M从itt as class valedictorian, fellow cadet 埃内斯托拉莫斯 was presented the Top 在毕业典礼上获得枪支奖. 陪同拉莫斯和莫菲特参加毕业典礼 were cadets 亚历克斯·加西亚, Jovani Herrera, Erik Mungia, Shamael鲁伊斯 and Michael Yocom.

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